10 Fun Dog Activities To Do This Fall  

Leaves are changing color, it’s cozy sweater weather, and the smell of pumpkin spice is officially in the air, and we can’t wait to share this wonderful season with our pups! There’s no better time to spend outdoors doing activities with your dog than in the fall. Fall is the beginning of the holiday season, which means it’s filled with family, food and fun, so we’ve come up with a list of a few festive activities to do with your dog this season. 

Puppies in Autumn

1. Pumpkin Picking

Take your pup with you to a pumpkin patch when you’re looking for your next Jack-O- Lantern. Roaming through pumpkin patches, riding hayrides on the farm, picking apples from the orchard, and finding your way out of a corn maze are autumn traditions that you can share with your whole family including your fur baby. Pumpkins also happen to be an excellent healthy treat for your dog. Try looking up some recipes with coconut oil to give your dog a nutritional boost this season!


  • 2. Trick-or-Treating
  • Dress up your pooch and take them for a walk while trick-or-treating with the kids! Better yet, wear matching Halloween costumes to show off your pup and make it even more fun! You might also have a prize winning costume so why not attend a Halloween party and be the best-dressed duo. 


  • 3. Tailgate At A Game
  • It’s football season and we know what the means...tailgate parties! You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy tailgating, it’s a just great way to spend some time with friends and family and of course, your pup. Hopefully your stadium lot or campus is dog-friendly so you can bring your pup along, but who said you couldn’t throw a bbq party and watch the game at home cheering on your team with your favorite mascot? 


  • 4. Camping
  • Explore the outdoors with your dog by taking them camping with you. Make sure to pack the essentials, which means plenty of marshmallows to roast for you to enjoy, and safe dog snacks for your furry friend as well. Enjoy howling at the moon and cuddling under the stars, which will sure be an incredible fall adventure together. 


  • 5. Play In The Fall Leaves
  • Bring your dog to a great spot full of trees so they can let loose and jump around the leaves with you. It’s hard not to laugh and smile when you see your dog diving into a pile of leaves and playing fetch.


    6. Hiking
    It’s the perfect time to go for a hike with your dog, the weather is cooler and there are plenty of pet-friendly trails to check out. You could even find some paths along the water or through the woods to enjoy with your little adventurer.


  • 7. Fall Festivals
  • There are tons of fall festivals to attend, and best of all, you can enjoy some dog-friendly ones as well. Many of which support great causes and allow you to contribute to the event’s fundraising efforts, so try searching for festivals near you and start planning your fall events calendar.


  • 8. Ghost Tours
  • There are some towns that really like to get into the Halloween spirit and give ghost tours. You might be surprised to find some of these spooky walking tours near you that even let you bring your dog along.


  • 9. Celebrate Oktoberfest
  • Find an outdoor beer garden and bring your pooch along while you celebrate with some German beer and sausages. Oktoberfest has become a nationwide tradition with lots of themed-events to attend. Search for some Oktoberfest events in your area and dress in a pair of matching lederhosen to truly toast to the occasion. 


  • 10. Halloween Parades
  • Participate in an annual Halloween parade that encourages children, adults and dogs to march in. It’s another great way to show off your dog’s costume and enjoy some family fun. 


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