Dog Tears - How to Dry Those Tears Forever


White Dog With Red Marks from Tears Standing in the Wind

You've noticed that Lady Frecklebelly just doesn't seem to be herself lately. She seems to be sad and the dark tears under her eyes are getting bigger. If only there was something you could do to cheer her up. But you've already taken her to the park and played endless games of "who's a good girl." Nothing seems to be drying up those dog tears.


It’s HER Party and She'll Cry if She Wants To

The reason that your little white fluffball is still crying throughout all of those intense bellyrub session is probably because your dog isn't actually sad. Okay, maybe she is sad, but it's certainly not disappointment in her lifestyle choices. She still loves curling up in your lap for a session of tickle-my-belly! What she needs is a way to get rid of those ugly stains under her eyes forever. You know, a sort of doggy makeover. (Makeovers cheer everyone up... right?) 

No amount of pampering, or therapy, is going to help your lovable pet overcome the tears themselves. Dog tears are caused by the same things that cause human tears. Something is irritating your dog's eyes to produce tears in the first place, and it's not having watched the "You complete me" scene from Jerry Maguire.

Okay, enough with the jokes. Excessive tearing can actually be a genetic condition itself related to any number of issues involving your puppy's eyes. In a small number of cases, it can be caused by diet, which means getting rid of dog tears can be controlled by what you're feeding your friend.


Tears of a Clown

In the vast majority of cases, dog tears are a problem that will be with Little Pickle all her life. The best way to treat the unsightly stains that come with them is to find a safe, natural tear stain remover. If the tears don't drain naturally, they stay on m'lady's fur and attract dirt. The dirt then turns the fur a reddish brown color. What's worse is that the dirt the tears will attract could possibly irritate her eyes creating, you guessed it, more tears.

Now she may really be sad, not from over-the-top 90’s rom com's, but from an irritating itch in her eye that she can't seem to get rid of. If she starts scratching, she could irritate and inflame the area even further. Your best option is to start a dog tears cleaning regimen. In short, it's time to give Miss Bigglesworth a facial.

A Close Up of a Shih Tzu Crying

Lonely Teardrops

Since you won't be able to get rid of dog tears themselves, the best plan is to find a reliable, safe solution you can use on your pet regularly. To prevent staining, you're going to need to clean the area regularly, at least on a weekly basis. Harsh chemicals can dry out the area unnecessarily and some solutions include antibiotics which are unnecessary. In some cases, like with the well known Angel Eyes formula, the antibiotic ingredient hasn't been approved for use on dogs.

Petpost Dog Tear Stain Remover is a naturally derived, coconut oil based solution to the stains left from dog tears. With the finest coconut and palm extracts, just a weekly maintenance cleaning can make your dog’s stains disappear in no time. It's designed with her health in mind providing a safe way to clean the dirt as well as leaving a protective barrier that keeps dirt from re-staining the area.

You might not be able to make the dog tears go away forever, but you can make your friend happier by getting her back to that youthful, puppy look when you take care of those unsightly stains. When you first get started it can take a week or so to see new fur coming in. You can even cook up a little hair dye by mixing 10% hydrogen peroxide with water to safely "bleach" out the stains without using actual bleach, but it's not necessary. After a few days of regular treatment you'll see the dirt clearing up, and after a couple of weeks you'll see the stains going away.

And during that time your pup will have gotten plenty of 1-on-1 quality time with her favorite human. Now, if that doesn't make the tears go away forever, nothing will. 

How to Dry Dog Tears


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