Tear Stain Comb

Tear Stain Comb

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Say Goodbye to Crust & Gunk.

When your precious white dog suffers from excessive tear staining, it almost seems like nothing you can do will help. At Petpost, we want to fight tear stains from the source, and that means regularly cleaning up the fresh crust and mucus that builds up around your dog's eyes. That is why we've created the perfect dog tear stain remover tool, the Petpost Tear Stain Comb.

Our high quality Tear Stain Comb has 65 fine-tooth, stainless steel rounded pins designed to remove crust gently around the sensitive areas. By removing the crust and goop that stains fur, this essential tool can prevent future tear stains from appearing.

If your dog has had tear stains for a long time, there will be permanently dyed fur that will need to grow out and be trimmed off. Continued use will prevent new tear stains from appearing.

What are you waiting for? Add this to your cart now, and be sure to purchase our popular 8 oz. Tear Stain Remover and our Tear Stain Supplement to complete your kit!

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