The Top 7 Coconut Oil Benefits for Dogs

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Everyone’s going cuckoo over coconut oil—and for good reason! Not only is it the most versatile superfood for both humans and canines, it’s also a palate-approved, all-around booster for your beloved pooch’s overall wellness. Want to know more about this amazingly healthful liquid of life? Check out the top coconut oil benefits for dogs here:


7. Improves Appetite and Aids in Digestion

Is little Finn being finicky with his food? Adding coconut oil to his daily noms not only ups the quality of his chows, it also adds a sweet-smelling yummy flavor to his meals that most pooches can’t resist.

But isn’t oil, well, fatty? It is, but that’s not a bad thing. Coconut oil for dogs is mainly composed of the good stuff—saturated fats, with a very high percentage of MCTs, or Medium Chain Triglycerides. Not only does it jump start a better digestion for your Rocco, it’s amazing antioxidant properties also enhances nutrient absorption, so he gets the most out of what he eats.

If your dog is suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or other gut-related problems, ask your favorite vet about adding coconut oil to his diet to help heal these disorders and give his medicine a good push to speed up his recovery.


6. Speeds Up Metabolism and Assists in Weight Loss

If Portia is getting a little bit too portly for her size, it may look cute, but it can cause a lot of health complications and discomforts in the long run. Heart disease, diabetes, joint problems—the list goes on and on, and so do the vet bills.

Luckily, there is a natural a safe way to gently rev up her metabolism. Adding coconut oil to her diet may sound incredibly counterproductive given that the goal is to lose a few (or a lot of) pounds, yes, but with better nutrient absorption and improved digestion—paired with regular exercise, of course—you will see considerable results over a few weeks, and less paunch on the belly, too.

 Energized Frenchie in Harness with Ears Perked

5. Energy Booster

Coconut oil is often recommended for dogs who have just recovered from illnesses, or even those who are just a little bit on the lazy side. The high concentration of saturated fats and its ability to kickstart metabolism provides a nice boost of energy to liven up your couch potato! Dogs with active lifestyles can also benefit from adding coconut oil into their meals to maintain their stamina for those draining activities.


4. Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

The MCTs in coconut oil consists of a high concentration of Lauric acid, fully loaded with natural properties that fight off bacteria and viruses that can affect your fur baby’s health. Taking this oil orally helps stave off infections and helps discourage the overgrowth of fungi that causes a great number of illnesses in our pets.

Not only does it safely and naturally help cure diseases from the inside, coconut oil is just as wonderful and effective when used topically. You can always trust coconut oil-based ear cleansers for those sensitive, reddened ears due to mites, fungal infection or allergies. There are also great tear stain removers that take care of bacterial problems and fungal growth in the eye area when your canine buddy suffers from epiphora.


3. Promotes Healthy Thyroid and Balances Insulin Levels

Thyroid disorders can result to loss of hair, mood swings, weight gain and lethargy to name a few. Coconut oil added to Hunter’s daily food can, over time, improve his thyroid gland’s function and help relieve and lessen the symptoms.

One of the best coconut oil benefits for dogs is its ability to stabilize insulin levels, and in turn, blood sugar. This is especially helpful for dogs susceptible to, or are currently in danger of developing diabetes. A good, balanced thyroid gland activity and insulin ensures energetic, active dogs with healthy coats and ideal weights.


2. Helps Heal Skin Problems

When something does a whole lot of good for your dog’s insides and does wonders for his outside as well, you know you have a winner. Coconut oil’s all-around goodness also benefits Bandit’s skin, and can help with a lot of issues that leave him irritated and scratching: 

  • Alopecia (loss of fur)
  • Flaky, dry skin and paws
  • Fungal skin infection
  • Wounds, cuts and scratches
  • Hot spots
  • Rashes from insect bites and allergic reactions from food, pollen, or even fleas
  • Itchy, inflamed skin
  • Dermatitis and eczema

Soft Dog Paws after a Treatment of Coconut Oil
Massage coconut oil onto Spike’s paws or muscles and folds for that stimulating, relaxing spa-like experience with all the added healing and rejuvenating properties! This wonder oil combined, with the magic that your fingers are making, will dramatically improve blood circulation and energize him after a long day of playing fetch and catching Frisbees. Talk about royal treatment after the gym!


1. Deodorizes and Conditions the Fur

As dedicated humans to our canine friends, it’s always our life’s goal to make sure that our pooches feel good, look good, and smell good. Lucky for us, coconut oil covers all our bases!

Up your shampoo’s ante by adding some coconut oil, and giving it a good shake before the doggy bath—this wonder liquid naturally neutralizes odor and prevents Sam from stinking up for days, with that sweet, fresh, coconut-y scent.

For a lustrous fur, enhance your grooming and maintenance routine for that marvelous mane with regular brushing, topped off with a coat of coconut oil to pump up the shine and moisturize round the clock—all without any harmful chemicals or questionable additives.

From fighting off diseases, fungi, and viruses, to keeping your pup’s fur shine game on point, the possibilities are endless once you make this superfood a super-staple in your canine care arsenal! Grab that tub and start your journey towards optimizing your fur baby’s health with all these coconut oil benefits. For dogs who need to lose weight, improve their fur, get rid of ear infections, or boost their digestion and overall wellness—this all-purpose magic-in-a-liquid is your new best friend. 

Do you have your own health success stories using coconut oil? Tell us about it today in the comments!

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

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