Top 10 Favorite White Dog Breeds

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White dog breeds can come in all fur sizes. They stand out with their magnificent white coat. Their white coat is something to admire and there are many breeds that truly shine with their white appearance. If you’re looking to adopt a cuddly white pup, here are our top 10 favorite breeds in snowy white! 

  • White Swiss Shepherd

Known as having dense white fur perfect for colder climates, these muscular dogs are great and loyal companions. They have tons of energy and need a lot of exercise so they don’t put any of that energy to poor use and take it out on your furniture.

  • West Highland White Terrier

Westies are lively pups with a bold personality that likes to be heard. They are verbal dogs and want to alert you on everything! These terriers were bred to be working dogs and in the 1800s their distinctive snow-white fur helped them stay visible during hunts.

  • Poodle

Highly intelligent and obedient dogs. These people-friendly dogs love to be with their pet owners and spend time with them. Their unique coat does require special attention to keep that distinctive poodle look. Also, their coat doesn’t shed the same way as other dogs do so they are considered hypoallergenic, which is great for someone who might have allergies. 

  • Maltese

One of the world’s oldest lap dog, and a favorite among ancient royalty. These sweet pups have coats that also require more maintenance to keep their fur silky white. These dogs are also prone to excessive tearing due to their shallow eye sockets. Maltese tear stains are no joke so we recommend using our natural tear stain remover or tear stain wipes to help remove those stubborn tear stains.


  • Samoyed

Famous for their trademark grin, these large herding dogs have a brilliant double-layer white coat, which makes them extra cuddly! They are also very loving and get along well with small children, making them the perfect family pet.

  • English Bulldog

One of the most popular breeds and known for being more independent than other dogs. These short-legged pups are surprisingly courageous and don’t require a lot of exercise but they do seem to have a secret talent for skateboarding! Search for “skateboarding bulldog” on Youtube and be ready to be fully entertained!

  • American Eskimo Dog

These pure white, fun-loving dogs come in three different sizes: toy, miniature and standard. Talented and full of tricks, an Eskie was the first dog known to ever walk a tightrope. They are keen to please and love sports, making this the perfect breed to take to the park! They also have a very distinct bright white, thick and soft coat. In order to keep that coat staying white and clean we recommend trying our safe and bleach free whitening shampoo.

  • Pomeranian

These cute puff balls boast a wide variety of color options and white is just one of the many fur coat possibilities. Extremely loyal and crave constant affection from their owners. They love to be pampered and their luxurious fur needs to be brushed on a regular basis to remain tangle free.

  • Kuvasz

Fearless, guard dogs that are very smart and can be overly protective of their home and family. Popular for having a sense of humor which makes them the best playmate. If you’re looking for a loyal watchdog to defend your loved ones then the Kuvasz is the perfect breed for you!

  • Borzois

These fancy, beautiful dogs have been admired for hundreds of years and are still a fairly rare breed today. They are also one of the tallest sighthound breeds. Sighthound, referring to these dogs have amazingly wide field vision, making them great at playing fetch!

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  • Cheryl Enlow

    Another white beautiful dog( yes I use your product and tell everyone how great it is) is an Ocherese …. a breeder in Southern IN started breeding them 35 years ago. They are toy poodle,Pekingese and Maltese and are smart ,sweet and heart melting….. mine is white and her name is Bella Mia.

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