White Dog Names

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50 Unique Ideas

Did you recently welcome a white furbaby into your home? And need a bit of inspiration to help you find the right name to call him or her? Having a shiny white coat already makes your dog stand out so why not pick the perfect name that also fits your dog’s personality. While you can always stick to the classics, like naming your dog Max or Sparky but if you’re looking for a creative name that equally stands out, then you’ve come to the right place.

White Dog Names

We’ve come up with a list of 50 of the best and most unique white dog names to match your pup, male or female. We want to help you find a name that you’ll love as much as you love your new pet! For each name we’ve included a short description to help you pick the one that characterizes your dog the best.


  1. - Alaska - The State that gets plenty of snow and has an abundance of wilderness. If your dog has a wilder and sporty side this would be a good choice of name.

  2. - Nuka - An island north of Alaska which has vast forests and great kayaking spots.

  3. - Cloud – Perfect for any fluffy pooch!

  4. - Nube – Means cloud in Spanish.

  5. - Ghost – Obvious choice for any Game of Thrones fan!

  6. - Kumo – Word for cloud in Japanese.

  7. - Chalky – Cute way to describe your dog’s white fur.

  8. - Milky – Got milk? 

  9. - Blanco – An obvious nod to a white dog with the word meaning white in Spanish. Perfect for a little chihuahua!

  10. - Cotton – Soft white fur comes to mind!

  11. - Coconut – Tropical and the inside of the coconut is pure white.

  12. - Moon – Full moon that can brighten any night sky, just like your new pet has brightened your home.

  13. - Luna – A gorgeous name that means moon in Spanish.

  14. - Pearl – Classy name for a classy pup.

  15. - Sugar – Sweet and endearing.

  16. - Marble – Beautiful stone that usually has a bit of grey coloring so this suits a grey/white dog perfectly.

  17. - Popcorn – Corny but cute!

  18. - Nieve – Snow in Spanish.

  19. - Lumi – Snow in Finnish but also sounds adorable.

  20. - Powder – Perfect for your powdery white hairy friend.

  21. - Tofu – A cute and funny name for a tiny dog.

  22. - Brie – Good name choice for any cheese lover!

  23. - Jasmine – Fragrant flower that represents good luck in some cultures.

  24. - Dandelion – A symbolic flower that can mean happiness and a promise of faithfulness, just like your honourable dog.

  25. - Aurora – The mystical polar lights only seen in the Arctic regions.

  26. - Icicle – Ice sticks and works as a name for a long haired white dog.

  27. - Tundra – A reference to a cold environment but also sounds pretty.

  28. - Igloo – Snow house built to protect you from the cold.

  29. - Bleach – Clever name for any white pet.

  30. - Platinum – Silvery-white in color so if your dog has a bit of a greyer white coat this would be a nice name for them.

  31. - Frost/Frosty – Thin layer of ice that sounds delightful.

  32. - Puro – Pure in Spanish and perfect for a pure white pup!

  33. - Anjo – Translates to angel in Portuguese and fitting for your sweet new angel.

  34. - Horchata/Orxata – popular milky drink with a touch of cinnamon. Great name if your dog has a calm demeanor with a touch of spice.

  35. - Casper – Friendly character name for your outgoing dog.

  36. - Wimbledon – The tournament’s dress code for players is all white and it’s an ideal name for a dog who loves to chase tennis balls!

  37. - Winter – Season that brings snow and it’s a lovely name.

  38. - Ivory – White material from tusks and teeth.

  39. - Diamond – Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog, unless their name was Diamond.

  40. - Vanilla – Anything but plain and ordinary!

  41. - Marshmellow – Sweet and fluffy.

  42. - Alabaster – White material but also makes for a very distinguished name.

  43. - Bolt – Fast as a lightning bolt!

  44. - Polar – As in polar bear for your giant cuddly furball.

  45. - Everest – Highest mountain above sea level which is a fitting name for a very large dog.

  46. - Misty – A bit hazy and hard to see.

  47. - Blizzard – A great name for an energetic dog that acts like a blizzard.

  48. - Opal – Gemstone usually in a milky white color.

  49. - Crystal – Clear and shiny object that matches your dog’s fur.

  50. - Nimbus – The definition is a luminous, shining cloud sometimes surrounding a deity when on earth.

Comment or share your favourite one(s) below! 

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  • Silver Siren

    Lanthanum works, too. It’s a silvery white metal.
    If you’re someone with big dreams, it can also work as a kind of nod to that, as it’s symbol on the periodic table is La.
    Just a thought.

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