Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs? Here are the Facts


Is Coconut Oil Good For Dogs?
If you’re all about giving your pooch nothing but all-natural, safe and nurturing TLC, you’ve probably already shunned pretty much the majority of products in the pet supplies section, pretty much everywhere. That includes most oral and topical supplements that contain all those nasty chemicals and additives that may endanger your canine buddy instead of keeping him in healthy.

It’s no secret that the wonderful coconut oil is at the forefront when it comes to safe, effective, and multi-purpose allies that we can depend on, for our health, and the health of our beloved 4-legged family members—and why the heck not? This superfood is jam-packed with loads of beneficial properties that keep your canine buddy in tip top shape, looking good, and smelling great, too!


Slick With All the Good Stuff

If you’re worried about coconut oil being, well, oil, don’t. It may be classified as fat, but it’s primarily made up of the good kind—the kind that will actually help boost metabolism and give Fido extra energy for those long hikes and hours of playing fetch.

Oral intake of this liquid miracle ups the ante on your dog’s digestive system. A very high percentage of coconut oil is made up medium chain triglycerides—also known as MCTs. It may be a mouthful, but it’s guaranteed to be a mouthful of antioxidants that aid in optimum absorption of nutrients and improved digestion. The saturated fats help jumpstart metabolism, convert food into energy, burn those flabs, and make sure maximum nourishment from doggie bowl to doggie belly, without going over the numbers on that weighing scale.

Tummy problems? A daily dose of coconut oil is known to relieve those aches and help heal digestive disorders, such as colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Corgi with Tongue Out 

Healing Naturally

Remember the MCTs in coco oil? It predominantly consists of high concentrations of Lauric Acid—a medium chain fatty acid that can also be found in breast milk. When taken orally and processed by the body, Lauric acid generates monoglyceride monolaurin, a strong antifungal and antibacterial agent that can efficiently and naturally kick most diseases and illnesses in the butt—but without the harmful chemicals that may disrupt, or even kill the good bacteria in your doggie’s gut.

This is why the best natural canine cleansing products—for ears, for those eyes and tear stains, and for the fur—are made with coconut oil! These grooming shampoos and cleaning fluids kill bacteria and discourage the overgrowth of fungi safely, and without the potentially harmful chemicals and antibiotics. So if you have a pup with a nasty, red, painful ear infection, or sad, teary eyes with those ugly, rust-colored stains, your best bet is this versatile oil. 


Keeping Fido Sharp and Healthy 

The many benefits of coconut oil don’t stop at the stomach. It also helps regulate your pup’s thyroid functions and keep his insulin levels in check, making it an ideal addition to the elderly canine diet, as well as those with high risks of heart trouble and diabetes.

With proper guidance from your favorite vet, you can also incorporate coconut oil into your geriatric canine friend’s meals to aid in lessening the effects of dementia and alleviate the signs of aging.


The Outside Matters, Too

If there is an award for being the most multi-purpose and multi-beneficial food of all time, coconut oil will get the trophy, hands down, plus standing ovation. Not only is it a wonderful oral supplement that enhances the appetite of picky eaters and help improve your pooch’s overall internal health, it is also the perfect skin food for your pet!

Black Dog Outside in Flurries

Coconut oil can be used pure, as a soothing balm for those insect bites and itchy rashes caused by allergies-just dab a small amount and give it a good rub. And if you want to go all-out, give your dog an amazing spa experience by massaging his body with warmed coconut oil. It will gently moisturize skin, remedy the flaking, cure those unpleasant (and contagious) ringworms, and also help get rid of mites, ticks and fleas—no need to use five different products for five different uses!

Adding some of this fabulously-scented oil to your favorite hypoallergenic shampoo will also give your bathing product an effective deodorizing power that also leaves a naturally sweet smell for days, and your pooch’s sensitive nose won’t have to endure any obnoxious, synthetic perfumes—just a pleasant, light tropical aroma that you will both enjoy.

You Know What They Say About Things in Excess… 

In order to make coconut oil work its wonders on your dog’s health and wellness, it is absolutely crucial to properly introduce it to his daily regimen—in the right amount, that is—to prevent unwanted consequences.

Too much of this oil too soon can cause diarrhea, largely due to its detoxifying effect on the body. Medical professionals recommend giving an initial dose of a fourth of a teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight, gradually increasing the amount that you give orally until you reach one teaspoon per 10 pounds, over the course of a month. It tastes great, and Bruno will want to gobble it down, but be patient—all good things come to those who wait.

Speaking of good things, how have you included coconut oil into your dog’s daily eating and grooming routine? Tell us how this superfood has helped you and your canine buddy in the comments!

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs


  • Carla Cook

    I had given my Rottweiler coconut oil for shedding for years. Her shedding had stopped almost completely. I noticed she had started gaining weight (went from 100 to 115) I stopped giving her coconut oil & switched to vit E I had used this in the past with our previous dogs & worked fine or so I thought. When I switched, she started shedding & I started sweeping up a small puppy off the floor daily & it drove me crazy. I am now going back to coconut oil. I know the health benefits are remarkable with coconut oil but it also helps with shedding on our fur babies that do.

  • Cindy Barbato

    My schnauzer was diagnosed with colitis. ..we have tried everything with no results….hopefully coconut oil will help her…Thank you..

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